We are helping to grow our client’s business!

We include all the SEO set up that many website designers and builders do NOT include

We build a site on the platform that suits you. Most designers do not let you choose

We do keyword research and give you the report so you can continue on

We write all the content for your website and it is optimised for SEO.

We add all the little things that add up!

Headings, page titles and meta descriptions

We use a easy drag and Drop page builder that is super easy for you to use and keep updating your site

We find stock images and graphics for you. No need to stress about content.

The images we add are optimised with correct file names and alt image text

Examples of the websites we have built –

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Why Hire Us For Your Website Design And Build

Websites are a property that you own.

You need a website that has the fundamentals in place so that you can get found in a local Google Search

We can build you a great website in WIX or a Squarespace for a new business owner.

If you are after something a little more customised, why not go for a WordPress site?

We make sure everything is SEO optimised including the content that we write for you!

That’s right – we write the content, so there is no added expense of hiring a copywriter and they can charge hundreds for website content

We can also build E-commerce sites on Word Press using Woo Commerce or on Shopify

Please send an inquiry and we can give you an accurate quote and let you know the steps that you need to get started with a new website today.

Before we can provide a quote –

We need to know more about your business and what it requires.

Often a business owner knows they need a new website, but they are not sure of what the function and form their website needs to have.

Our website inquiry form has some key questions that you will need to answer. This will help you to get the best website for your business.

We Build Websites On All Platforms.

Unlike Other Website Design Agencies – We Work With What You Want!


We create the website of your dreams. We can custom code to design the style of website that you want.


The perfect Ecommerce site that you can control. Woo Commerce comes without expensive fees .


Always a popular option for online stores. Do you want a site that is designed for you and your brand?


An easy to use website builder.

It is a great site to start off with as there is built in security and analytics


An easy to use website builder. We can custom code so you get the design features you want!


There are several cloud based builders that we are working with. Cloud sites offer faster loading and added security.

Get Your Website Found With Extra SEO

After getting your website built, you will need to invest time and money to get your site found in a Google search.

There are many things as an owner you can do.

These include :

  • Keeping information updated
  • Writing Blog Articles
  • Getting Backlinks from other websites
  • Getting Google Reviews

If this sounds a little overwhelming – Reach out and get our SEO package pricing.

We work with no locked in contracts and we will work our butts off to get your new website better rankings which means more business.

Please note that all SEO work takes time and it will require a minimum of six months before results are started to be noticed.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step And Get A New Website?

You will have to have some things ready before you can start.

What you need and what we need before we can start

All decision makers in your business, need to be in agreement with the following points!

  • The budget you have
  • Be in agreement with the website requirements
  • An example or two of what other websites you like
  • Your branding colours and logos
  • Photos of your products, your team and business

We Include The SEO Set Up That Many Website Builders Do NOT Include!

When we have started working on clients existing websites, I have always been dismayed for them when I see what they have paid a lot of money for and they have been handed back a shell of a website.

Sure it might look great with all the flashy up to date features, but when you look under the surface of the site – There is no structure or strength for SEO

It is like buying a sports car and net putting any petrol in the tank – It will just sit in your driveway looking great and no will ever see the car driving around.

What we do for every website build:

  • Keyword research and you get to have these details too
  • Content creation with new pages or blog articles
  • Correct Headings and set up order
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Images named with alt images
  • Add Schema and an HTML Sitemap

We use a easy drag and Drop page builder that is super easy for you to use and keep updating your site