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Ok – This is blunt but I am going to say it straight up. SEO is a SLOW and LONG process. You will require an ongoing budget for SEO work. It is not a quick fix and once you have achieved results – You have to keep working at it. Think of it like training for a marathon. You want to make sure that you are physically capable of running a marathon before you can run the 40Kms.

You may go and get a physical and look after any health concerns before you start training in earnest. When you are ready to train, you start off slowly and you will gradually hit little goals like being able to run longer each session or being able to run a little faster. You will notice changes in your body as it gets better at running. Finally you are ready to run your race and you set off and you hit your goal finishing time.

Once you have run your race, you now have 2 options. Continue to train to keep up your fitness and keep running and winning races. OR you reached a goal and now you are going to do something else and let all the training you did to no longer benefit you.

SEO Is Not A Sprint It Is A Marathon!

Getting to race day may have taken you 6 months of training and SEO is exactly the same. Once you start ranking for the search terms that you were aiming for and the phone starts ringing and you are hitting your KPI’s.

If you take your foot off the pedal with SEO, all those results will start to diminish due to these reasons:
Google is always having updates for what it looks for in a website!
Your competitors will also be working on their SEO and their aim will be to overtake you in the rankings!

We use to be able to get results a lot faster but since 2020 it now takes at least six months before you start seeing changes in your website’s ranking.
Sure, sometimes it can be faster but I have learnt the hard way to never give clients unrealistic expectations.
I would rather under promise and over deliver if we can get you great results sooner!

The SEO Process

Before we can even start to get your website ranking higher in Google, we have to do a health check on your website.
We make sure that your site can get the results you are after and we may have to do some major work on this before we start actual SEO work.
If your website is over 3 years old- It will need some upgrades.
We make sure that the website does not have any errors and is safe and secure. Your website content will need an overhaul.
Content is vital for any chance of succeeding with better rankings.
Do you have a Google My Business set up?
We do a lot of our SEO work by using your Google My Business to drive local Google rankings in the Map Pack

Why You Need A Better Website

Websites are a property that you own! You need a website that has the fundamentals in place so that you can get found in a local Google Search and in an organic search.
We can fix up an existing website or we can rebuild a new site with everything SEO optimised.
We can also build simple Ecommerce sites on Word Press using Woo Commerce.
Please send an inquiry and we can give you an accurate quote and let you know the steps that you need to get started with a new website today.

Why You Need An SEO Expert

Getting your website found in a Google Search is something that most business owners will need help with from time to time. And it is not just a one step process.
There are lots of moving parts that need to be fixed, added and sometimes removed.
Typically a small business will need help with ranking not only their website but also their Google Business Profile as they work in different searches.
So this is two separate sites that need work done and monitoring. The website ranks in an organic search and the Google Business Profile ranks in the Map Pack.
The Map Pack is the place that will usually generate more calls and this the area that I focus on as well as the organic ranking.

seo agency

SEO Inquiry – Prices range from $800 – $1500 per month ex GST

We do SEO to get found in a local Google Search
PLEASE NOTE – We cannot control Google or how Google operates and what updates are going to happen
We do the following work :

ON PAGE SEO – This Includes:

  • Keyword research and content creation
  • Correct Headings and set up order
  • Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Images named with alt images
  • Add Schema and an HTML Sitemap

OFF PAGE SEO – This Includes

  • Back Linking
  • Citations
  • Google Review Collection