SEO Results

Local Roofing Company

This roofing company had done zero SEO and were not using their Google My Business to its full advantage.

We started working with them in August and you can see the
results from August, September and October in 2021

The heat map images show the increase in the local
Google map rankings for the search term “Roofing
Central Coast” It has search volume of just under
500 searches a month.
We have also shown his Google Business Profile Insights and spike in more traffic and phone calls.
This business now averages around 40 phone calls a month from the profile.
When we started he was getting less than 10 calls a month directly from the Google Business profile.

Below you can see some other keyword results that he is ranking for on the Central Coast
One is for Roofers Central Coast and he is the top 3 in the map pack across a large region.

The second image shows results for the search term Fascias and guttering – 440 searches a month and he is dominating the entire region

What We Did

  • Rebuilt the existing website. They had paid thousands of dollars that gave them a website that looked good but
    had ZERO SEO thought behind it. There was limited content and the structure of the site was limiting
  • Worked out the 4 keywords that we wanted to target and we created content to reflect this
  • Used their Google My Business effectively with optimisation and content. Helped them to start getting more reviews
    which led to better customer conversions when people did see their listing in the local map pack

Note the increase in phone calls and website clicks from their Google My Business Insights over this quarter of work.

Other Companies We Are Currently Working With

SEO is a long term approach to increasing your business.
Sometimes results can be fast as we demonstrated with the roofing company.
Other times it will be a longer time before results are reached.
A lot of work can be done on a website and it may be months
before the work starts to show up in the rankings.

What We Did

  • Car Detailing Company – Starting regular blog posting in March and April that was shared out to other networks and the needle started to move upwards.
  • Plastering company that we go to a great level in 2020 and then a dip in rankings happened after a Google update. New content was added which had a positive influence 4 months later. This company has grown their team all due to SEO.
  • Signage company chasing car wrapping. We built this site in November and consistently added content over the next 6 months and updated the service pages. A google algorithm change happened in June and it loved the content we had been adding and the rankings sky rocketed.
  • Brow bar who came to me with a WIX website that was struggling, They had paid for an expensive social media advertising blitz that bought in woeful results.
    With 4 weeks of starting work (and we stayed on WIX) we had more NEW clients and the GBP was also firing. In 8 weeks they were bringing in an extra $1500 each week – Now that is a massive improvement for any business!

When your website is set up correctly and regular decent content is added to your website – The growth will happen.

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