About Us

Hi and Welcome!
My name is Danielle Phillips and I am the one behind Hello SEO
My SEO journey started when I opened up an eCommerce store and realized very quickly that driving traffic to your site is the single most important thing

I tried to hire SEO people – but they just could not get the results I wanted or they tried to push me into expensive marketing options that was not suitable for what I needed.

I bought a highly regarded course and took a look at it and panicked. It made no sense at all.

I tried to find someone who could explain it all in simpler terms and then I found a mentor to work with who helped me to make sense of it all and to discover my SEO strong points and who I can help!

My ideal client is a local business owner who needs to show up in Google Map area and in the first 3 organic listings in a local Google Search.
I help them with better content, Google my Business optimisation and this includes getting more Google Reviews. with Perfect Review.

I will only work with clients I know that I can achieve results with.