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Hello SEO is a available to write the extra content that your website needs. We do this as part of all of our website builds. We include the right copy for your business ans we make sure we place it is the best places on your website so Google can quickly understand what your website and business is about.

Did you know that when we try and rank a website – We are actually trying to rank pages on a website. Each page on your website needs to target a couple of keywords (search terms) This also includes blog articles, the article is written to target a keyword that we want to rank higher in.

Back in the good old days – SEO content was a lot of keyword stuffing. This is where the same words and phrases are uses everywhere all over a page. Keyword stuffing use to work, but Google cottoned onto this technique and started penalising websites with this style of content.

Nowadays, a website requires good content that is written for people to read first and to have natural sounding content with descriptive words. When we write content we go into depth about a product or service that you offer. And it will sound unnatural and long winded but this is what is needed to make sure that our clients have websites that evoke trust in Google’s eyes and content that readers will stay on the page and read and keep scrolling around the site for more information.

Want To Know How To Rank Higher In Google?

It is all about the words and content that is on your website. The better quality
content the better.

It also includes content about your business that is posted elsewhere online that is
linked to your business with a back link

Do you know what keywords are?

Keywords are the vital starting point to work out what to write about. Before we start
writing content, we do keyword research so we know what words people are typing
into Google. We also need to know which keywords are going to get you faster and more
targeted results.

Our tradies and face to face small businesses love them and getting
more reviews has boosted their business

Did You Know That Your Website Content Helps You Get Found In The Map Pack?

Hello SEO is a local SEO agency. We work on your website and your Google My Business. We want you to get found in the map pack area as well as the organic searches The Google Map Pack is where majority of phone calls and customer interaction happens. We make sure that we can start getting found in the map pack and to stand out with better Google reviews than your competition.

What is Seo Content?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation
We write content that gets found in a Google search when people type that search term.

You know that being found in an online search is getting harder. There’s huge competition to appear in Google search results both organically and locally in the map pack.
Many business owners do not understand the importance of having a decent amount of content on their websites.
They want sleek and minimal websites with eye catching images and only a little bit of text. It may be visually appealing – But Google does not see pictures and graphics. It is scanning your site for words.
To have a website that is found in a search but also keeping a minimal feel is a balancing act.
There will have to be content added somewhere to your site!
We can do this by creating a blog area and writing indepth articles on the services that you offer or the products that you sell. This is a way to ensure that you have the content.
Adding FAQ pages is also a great way to get the content in.
By having the Questions that People ask and using an accordion with an indepth answer to the question will give you great content. We can also add sub pages that are linked to the main pages but they are not in the menu. These pages are attached as extra information pages and they are a great way to boost your content without the website looking cluttered.

What Does SEO Content Look Like?


Content is KING!!
We make sure your website tells Google exactly what it is that you do and what you offer​. We put the correct content structure on your site with the right headings in the right places
Keywords in the right places, Bullet points and lists as
Hyperlinks and interlinking to relevant pages to support the content on the page. Adding a blog will also bring extra traffic to your website and we write blog articles!


These are the words or phrases that people will use to find an answer to their question. We add these words into your website content and page descriptions. We also can give you the words to name all your images so Google Reads the photo file name and understands what your images are about.

Google My Business

Let’s get you in the map pack and supercharge it! And we can do this by making sure the best content is in your Google My Business listings, You have great GMB posts that have your keywords mentioned.

Backlinks And Guest Posts

Remember we mentioned content that was linked to your website. By writing blog articles elsewhere and then supplying a backlink from that article to your website – Shows Google that this content directly relates to your website. We do quality guest posts and they go on the best websites that allow guest posting. We do not put garbage on your site and we do not link garbage to your site either!

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