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Do you see other websites ranking in Google?

Do you have the following questions?

How do I get my business to appear in a Google search?

How do I get my business to the top in Google My Business?

How much does SEO cost?

Keep reading and I can answer these questions….And more!



Welcome to Hello SEO


SEO is a mystery for many businesses and many business owners have been burnt with big promises, a big outlay with little returns to show.

A quick rundown of what SEO is

It stands for Search Engine Optimisation

Simply it is a way for Google to start suggesting your website when

people do a search.

What does Google look for in a website?

  • Content – Content is KING!! We make sure your website tells Google exactly what it is that you do and what you offer
  • Keywords – These are the words that people will use to find an answer to their question. We look at keywords that you should be using and the keywords your competitors are ranking for. We then add these words into your website content and descriptions.
  • Google My Business – Let’s get you in the map pack and supercharge it!
  • Backlinks – From high authority websites that relate to your business or location.
  • Website Speed – An easy step is by simply compressing large image files. The faster your website loads the more people will stay on the page.
  • Formatting – By using the right headings, having all your images with descriptions, naming your pages with the right words and having an easy to navigate website will help your website look better in Googles eyes

Lead Generation

Want more calls?

I work with local businesses to set up lead generation websites that specifically target a location and specific keywords.

No need to change your existing website or branding.

Let me drive traffic to your phone without you having to lift a finger.

​No lock in contracts ever!!

Problem Solving

We have close networks with other agencies who can help you with the following services

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook advertising​
  • Branding
  • Business Strategy 


Want some help with promotional products for your business??The right products with the right information on it will keep your business in your clients mind!Make sure that they remember you and can easily contact you when they need you again.

How Google Reviews Help You Grow Your Business

Great Google Reviews Will Boost Your Rankings!

more reviews
  • Google Reviews can add keywords to your Google My Business.
  • The more times certain words are used in a review – it can add further proof to Google that your business is one to recommend.
  • More reviews will mean a higher click through or call rate – These both show Google that your business was the most relevant one when a potential client made the search
  • Google wants to show it’s users the BEST MATCH and the when a business gets more clicks or calls then it will start getting shown more often.

Do You Struggle Getting Reviews?

  • What if you could easily get reviews after each client
  • What if you no longer had to chase clients for a review?
  • What if your reviews increased every week and you started to improve your ranking

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to get reviews with Perfect Review

Grab Your Perfect Review Link and Tap and Review Cards Here

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