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Google Reviews And Why They Matter

Have you Googled your business lately?
If you do not keep regular tabs on it you might be in for a surprise and it may not be a good one.
When people are looking for a local business, Google is often where they will turn to for the search.
The first 3 results in a search will pop up into the Google Map Pack and on display for everyone to see is a businesses Google Reviews
Reviews matter when people are looking to engage a business for the first time.
The reviews on display are all that they can go from. They may decide to do some more investigating and go to a company’s Facebook page and check out the feedback left there as well.

Getting Reviews Can Be Easy If You Have a Process

Are you are one of the many business owners who do nothing to gather feedback from their clients.
Do you see what will happen – You will be left behind by your competition who understands the power and importance that positive reviews bring to a business.
If you want more business, then you are going to have to do some work to persuade a potential customer to click on your listing and start looking at what you offer.
This is when those stars really matter as they help a potential customer to take the time to go and check you out.
If you have no stars or even worse – poor stars, they will flick right past you and click onto a competitor who has a more trustworthy and highly rated listing.

Now do you see why they are that important?
This is the power you need to get more online searches to your business.
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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a completely free online tool that organizations and business can use to manage their online presence on Google. This includes both maps and search engine results.

This is useful in three ways.

Manages Business Information

The first is that it provides vital information.
Information about your business, its services and operation hours are among the key things prospective customers seek to know.

Get Key Metrics

As you know, metrics are important in not just measuring impact, but also for helping you improve your marketing strategies.

GMB helps businesses find insights on how customers found them, how many clients called from the displayed contact on GMB and where these customers come from.

This information helps you understand your audience better. Smart businesses use this information to design better targeted marketing campaigns, which in turn translates to increased sales.

Interact with customers

GMB allows you to input text and photos regarding your business. You can show off work that you may have done during the week, or even promote a promotion that you have going. You need to be posting on a regular basis to your GMB. Treat it like another social media channel.

There is also an area for people to leave feedback aka Google Reviews
One thing to note is that ANYONE can leave your business a Google Review – Regardless if they have used you or not.
You will probably face unfair and fake reviews.
Often your competition will leave you a poor review as a dirty tactic. ( It really does not put them into a positive light though!)
You will also get poor reviews from someone accidentally clicking on a 1 star and not realising what they have done.
You will also get poor reviews from disgruntled ex employees and customers.

Before the internet, word of mouth served well when looking for recommendations to businesses with good products and services.

Importance of Reviews

The internet has taken this model to the next level by allowing consumers to find out as much information on a business, from just a few clicks. This is by way of reviews.

Does your business need reviews? According to marketing research, 88% of consumers read a business’ online reviews before engaging a business.
And the first reviews they will look for are the negative reviews.
Negative reviews can give your business the opportunity to shine in how you respond to them.
By ignoring a bad review – You are admitting that it is true and you are doing nothing to refute it.
When you respond to a negative review and professionally point out that facts of what happened if it is an unfair or fake review.
If the review was warranted then a professional apology and an offer to rectify the situation, will help you to win over potential customers who can understand what happened and appreciate your efforts to put it right.

Why Are Reviews So Important?

Social Proof

Social proof is simple. Take two restaurants. One is teeming with people, and the second barely has any diners.

The assumption here would be that the full restaurant serves great food and offers excellent service. This is social proof.

Essentially, consumers are more likely to engage a business other people approve of.
This approval is gauged through how many people have engaged a business and left good review on their page.

Online reviews are today a significant source of social proof, and have a direct impact on sales.

They Improve Visibility

Search engines have their unique algorithms for indexing and ranking content.

Freshly updated content is one way to ensure your business becomes easy to find online. Customer reviews are one way to achieve this.

Customer reviews give you a steady stream of content, as well as responses from your business. If your reviews also contain search terms that you wish to be found in Google with – Then reviews are a great way of adding these words to boost your profile. Imagine if happy customers also added some photos to the review they left. This also boosts credibility to the review and to your business listing.
This is highly valued by algorithms and helps push your ranking higher in search engine results.

75% of people do not scroll past the first page of Google results. This means that your business is more visible if it’s indexed on the first page.

Positive reviews can help you achieve this.

Adds Credibility To Your Business

The growth of e-commerce has also brought along some unpleasant events, key among them, online fraud.

It’s then understandable that consumers are a bit more hesitant when dealing with an online site, as opposed to a brick and mortar establishment.

Reviews, in a sense, help customers understand that your business does in deed exist and is deserving of their trust. This is even more so for businesses with numerous positive reviews, and a high star rating and active responses and updates on the GMB.

They Show Responsiveness

Consumers today are more discerning than they were a few short years back.

Today, consumers look at more than a product’s quality and price. Customer experience, for one, is a key determining factor of whether clients will keep coming back.

Prospects can use your reviews to gauge responsiveness, by checking if you respond to both positive and negative feedback.

At the end of the day, a client wants to know that you are a caring business. Similarly, they need an assurance that you will remain responsive and committed to resolving any issues they might have with your business.

In this regard, reviews give you an avenue to engage closely with your customers and to show would-be customers that you are a responsive, customer-focused establishment.

Provides Your Business with Valuable Insights

Another benefit of reviews is that they provide your business with invaluable insights regarding your products and services, delivery systems and customer experiences.

Granted, this might be both negative and positive and both are equally useful to your business.

Positive reviews help you understand what your business is doing right. Negative ones that mention the same things or even staff member, highlights a need for improvement into what is happening.

Are Reviews Equal?

As you might have guessed, the contents of your reviews are just as important as the number of review you have. Sometimes, even more so.

You want to paint your business in the best light possible by positioning yourself and your products as superior to those of your competition.

You do this by:

  • Creating stellar products and services
  • Having excellent customer service delivery on all contact points
  • Request customers in person to give you a good review. Ensure the customers you request have had a good experience with your business
  • Ask open ended questions on your social media accounts and multiple online platforms
  • Use methods that can help you gather reviews from your customers
  • B2B’s can leave positive review for other businesses. Naturally, the reviewed business would also want to reciprocate the gesture

Get this…

While you need to get as many reviews as you can for your business, the quality of these reviews mater as well.

Positive reviews add credibility to your business, give you an edge over your competitor and increase avenues of engagement.
Leveraged well. These actions can bring in more business, increase sales and ultimately, your bottom line.
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